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Who we are and what we are about

We are an unincorporated organisation set up by a small group of people who are outraged by the UK Government of Boris Johnson and The Tory Party in general. We felt compelled to do something in the wake of the ongoing corruption of the UK Government. We want to stop the slide into fascism and to be a counterargument to the populist agenda. We believe in inclusion, equality, and a fair country for everyone. We have no party-political affiliations, and we are members of different parties and no parties.

You can check us all out on social media, although some of us need to remain anonymous due to employment. Our public voice is Sharron Honey (@sharron_honey) 
Twitter handles for other group members are:
@baratheongirl; @NoMoreGreed; @Skiptomyloulou; @BlokeOnWheels; 
@MPrepuce; @Lindarella

We had our first protest (in London and on Twitter) on 19.02.22 which, despite the weather was a great success. We aim to build on this and encourage any dissenting voices against the Government to come together to effect change. What sets us apart from other groups is that we strongly believe in inclusivity in our efforts to #TakeBackDemocracy

Meet The Team



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Chair of WLM Lib Dems, North West Executive Member, diversity and inclusion lead and campaigns lead. Member of excluded unity alliance and Safe Ed for All. Arranged excluded unity march in Liverpool and part of London march. 

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Northerner. Lifetime interest in politics, been continually enraged since the welfare reform and Mental Health cuts based on my work. Attended my first protest and have relocated 200 miles to attend as many more as possible

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I am passionate about equality and disability rights, which is why I particularly dislike the Tory party and I am deeply concerned about the current state of this country

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A Yorkshire lass who is passionate about getting the Tories Out. My job involves working with people from diverse backgrounds and I am passionate about ensuring there is diversity, accessibility and equality for all.

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A loving father and partner who can no longer stand by and watch the lies, corruption and sleaze of this Tory government. I want my children to have a bright and prosperous future and that’s something that will never be achieved under a Tory government.


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Proud Welsh girl - never Tory. Ashamed and appalled at how far our now dis-United Kingdom has fallen in the past 12 years. 

Change is coming - be part of it


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Meet The Team



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Monsieur Prepuce is an Anglo-Irish, tri-lingual European, who has spent his life working on the health and diseases of humans. MP is now ensconced in Scotland and is aghast at the horror of democratic subversion, and wishes to see a return of responsible, centric politics, and the rejection of fascism, lies and corruption of this Tory government. The UK is our home; it is our duty to defend it, and its historic institutions, including our democracy, from the onslaught of corruption by this Tory government.​

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Take Back Democracy Graphic Designer